Why You Should Own a Scarf

Seasons often leads to headaches, pains in the neck, shoulders, back and the most common is colds. For some of you may think that scarf is only for fashion but mind you; scarf has health benefits too.


Cold Prevention

The neck is the completely vulnerable, especially during wintertime. A large scarf for winter can give warmth and protection for your neck as well as the chest area. Also, it can be used to cover your mouth and nose to protect you from the cold and to give warm air to your lungs.

A scarf is also helpful during summertime. The quick change in temperature as you shift from a cold air-conditioned place during a hot summertime day can undermine your immune system and produce summer cold. Using a light scarf during the summer can prevent the effects of direct exposure to a cold air-conditioned setting.


Treatment for Neck Arthritis

Neck arthritis, also known as the cervical osteoarthritis is an age-related medical condition which affects the discs and the joints of your neck. A scarf can help relieve the symptoms of this condition by providing instant warmth to the afflicted area.

The high-collar clothing and a scarf can block the cold air from migrating to your back and shoulders, which can help to relieve the manifestations of this disease.


Promote Better Blood Circulation

A warm scarf stretches the blood vessels of the muscles around the neck and shoulders area. It boosts the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, relieving pains around the neck and shoulder while helping to repair damaged muscles.