What you Should Consider before Buying a Clutch Purse

While some of us can’t get away with all the stuff in our bags, others love to go out and carry as little stuff as possible especially if going on night outs or attending parties. Well, who would want to carry a big bag while dancing or drinking?


Yes, we totally understand that! That is why a lot of women are crazy over clutch purse because not only it’s chic and fashionable; it is also very convenient as a carry-on.


The clutch purse is also a piece of statement accessory. Thus, it is essential that you choose the appropriate clutch purse for your outfit, for the occasion with of course good functionality.

But don’t worry we got you covered, we’ll help you do just that. Here is the stuff that you should consider before you swipe that credit card and buy that clutch purse you love.


The size matters

The size of your clutch purse should fit your body type. Although they are small in size, they still have different shapes and sizes. If you are petite go for smaller clutches same as if you’re a bit taller and bigger, go for the bigger clutch purses too.


Be smart with colors

If you don’t have the cash to buy many clutches to choose from and to go well with every outfit you have in your closet, the trick is to settle for clutches with neutral colors. Why? Because neutral colors go well with all colors and outfits. However, always own a clutch that has bolder colors and designs too for these clutches are best for your neutral or shall we say simple outfits.


Don’t forget the functionality

While clutches are small in size, you might think they could not be so functional but think twice because you can still make your clutches as functional as possible.

Some clutches have detachable straps which are brilliant at least you have other options on how to carry your purse. Also, make sure to choose the clutch that has many pockets to help you organize your stuff neatly.


Invest in the material

It is important that you buy clutches that has a good material quality that would serve you well. Also, when choosing which clutch to use, think about its material as well. For example, those clutches made of leather are good for the day use while those made with fabrics and glittery material are best for the evening errands.


Go for practicability

Above style, practicability is important. Choose the clutch that could be used for both daytime and night go-to.