What Should Be your Beach Bag According to Your Personality?

Summer is almost here, and everyone is so excited to hit the beach. It is necessary that we bring all our essentials as we hit the beach this summer. A perfect beach bag should be something that expresses who we are as a person and that it narrates our personality as well. Aside from that, it should be something that is reliable to carry all the stuff that we need such as our bikinis, sunblocks, sunglasses, slippers, etc.


Everyone has different styles likewise to beach fashion and when we say beach style that includes the bag that you carry with you.



1. For The Statement Girl


If you love showing your statement to your stuff like shirts and all that, why not use a statement bag to hit the beach? What else is the better way to express your love and excitement of the summer than expressing it with the bag you carry?

green bag
2. For The Old Classic Girl


A straw beach bag like ones made in Abaca and or waterlilies goes with everything and is chic. Style it by tying a scarf that harmonizes with your bathing suit throughout the handle of the bag.


3. For The Accessory Girl


Beach bags with beads, feathers, and multicolored teeny-tiny pompoms are for you. A beach bag like this will definitely make you unique and will surely get the attention of others.


bag brown
4. For The Flaunt-it-All Girl


If you hide nothing then, a clear bag that is very sleek looking, and not to forget that its waterproof is perfect for you.


5. For The Go Girl


Some do not like bringing a lot of stuff to the beach especially in moments when it’s nothing but an unplanned summer getaway. A pouch that’s big enough to carry your phone and some little stuff is already fine.