What Makes Batanes So Special?

Batanes is one of that places where it just seems so magical to see in photos, well what more in person? But what is it that makes Batanes so unique? Is it the culture, scenery, food or the people? From its mesmerizing intrinsic beauty to their historical lighthouses, Batanes has a pocket full of wonders, treats, and destinations that promise to pleasure any traveler. Whether you’re a history buff, foodie, or someone who loves photography of Mother Nature’s jewels, you will discover your ecstasy in this sequestered fantasy destination. What’s more, it has a laid-back and rustic vibe that will provide you with a calming break away from the trappings of your stressful city life. You won’t find any a shopping mall, Jollibee or a Starbucks outlet, movie house, and still, people are attracted to the magical Batanes.

There are countless things to do and beautiful sceneries to witness in Batanes, and we could just go on and on. However, that’s admittedly tiring so let’s just stick with our top 5 things that make Batanes special.


1. The Dreamlike Landscapes

Lush rolling hills, clear blue skies, whispering the wind and the feeling of sweet serenity; that’s Batanes. Apart from the magnificent seaside panoramas and the fascinating sights of green fields with amusing livestock, a vacation to the province’s rolling mountains will further let you hark to the sweet breeze of the wind, and sense the chill of the countryside breeze. A perfect place to have this pleasant feeling is in the area designated as Racuh A Payaman, commonly known as the “Marlboro Country.”


2. The Nostalgic Historical Attractions

Though the province seems to cut off from the other places and destinations of the Philippines, Batanes was also affected by the ravages of the World War II. You can spot evidence of the cruel war in the American Radio Center’s substantial remains as well as the Historic Japanese retreat. Moreover, the Batanes is a haven to some traditional Ivatan houses and vividly colored churches that were built in the 17th century one of them is the Mahatao Church. Of course, Batanes has many engaging old lighthouses too, on top of the list are the Naidi Lighthouse in Basco and the Tayid Lighthouse in Mahatao.


3. A Distinct Assemblage of Beaches

Batanes has an astonishing coastline with a different sequence of beaches. There are hidden coves, rocky coast, ridges, cream sand beach, Boulder beach and white sand beach – Batanes has it all.


4. Sumptuous Food

Batanes isn’t a gastronome destination, although it still can satisfy your taste buds with its fresh seafood feasts like lobsters. Of course for the sweet tooth, make sure to try the Uvud balls, a toothsome dessert dish made from meatballs and coconut meat strips.


5. Well-Kept Traditions

Batanes is one of the precious provinces in the Philippines to preserve its old traditions and culture. In Batanes, you can delve into the enthralling Ivatan culture by conversing with the super warm locals of the Diuria Village. Additionally, in this specific village, you can study the art of the handicraft named Vakul, an old headdress used by the beautiful Ivatans that protects them from the harsh weather while they are serving the fields.