Visit the Philippines’ Piece of Africa

Do you want to visit Africa to go on a safari? You don’t really have to. You can visit Africa just exactly in the Philippines. There is a residential area in Palawan where this dreamlike haven in Palawan has been a home to beautiful creatures like giraffes, zebras, and antelopes.


This place has been known as Calauit Safari Park where numbers of animals are still growing and the undeniable fact that they have done too much effort to save and help these animals from extinction.


You would love to visit here for you will encounter yourself how these animals survive in the wild and experience activities like feeding them, like the giraffes. Yes, feeding the giraffes is allowed in this place. You would appreciate the freedom of the animals as how they enjoy running around and living free from fear. Not only animals like giraffes, zebra, and antelopes you would see but they this place also helps avoid the extinction of some animals like the crocodile, Calamian deer, monkeys, bearcats, bushbuck, and variety of birds that roam freely.


Surely this place is perfect for any kind of a person or even ages. This is the best place for you to have an adventure, have fun, enjoy and learn at the same time. This place is a like a piece of Africa which Filipinos should be proud of. You can find this place in Palawan and you can avail the tour package that they offer. Explore the Philippines’ reserve and wildlife sanctuary in Calauit Safari Park.