Unique and Amazing Cafes in Manila, Philippines!

Cafés and restaurants can now be found in almost every corner. Because of that, some may think they all look the same: serving the same artisanal coffee and common frappes and shakes, dishes, and others. However, in Manila, are some of the distinct cafés. If you are interested in diving to a different kind of café or restaurants, here are a few that you should try.



Found in San Roque in Marikina City, this is a prison-themed café where you could feel what it’s like to dine in prison. Have a mugshot in front of the walls, eat your meals behind bars, and enjoy a lot of the delicious version of “prison” foods.



Located in Diliman in Quezon City, this store opens from Mondays to Sundays with its theme adapted to Japan’s cat craze café. In partnership with the Compassion and Responsibility for Animals Welfare Philippines, this café provides a home for supposed-to-be stray cats.



Located in Teacher’s Village-East in Quezon City, this opens from 12:00PM to 10:00PM from Mondays to Saturdays and offers spicy foods that are good for the skin. Here, you can have your favorite spicy food and have a tattoo done at a nearby tat store.


Located in Sikatuna Village in Quezon City, this is a store named after the famous mode of transport in the Philippines. It focuses on the traditional street food stalls where they serve Filipino favorites such as the Lechon Kawali, Binagoongan, Pinakbet, etc and let the customers dine inside actual jeepneys.

Also situated in Sikatuna Village in Quezon City, this store is inspired by a popular fantasy series on the life of a boy wizard, Harry Potter. Here, you can drink glasses after glasses of actual Butterbeer and dress up like your favorite character.