Travel and Explore Corregidor

The Philippines has a lot of tourist spots that are worth visiting. But let’s not forget the wonderful site of the Corregidor Islands. Located at Manila Bay in the southwestern part of Luzon, you will find a very vintage view of the Corregidor Island wherein unforgettable events happened more than a century ago. Not only you will find some statues of our heroes but also you would experience first-hand the very beautiful and historic sites.

Some of the views you can enjoy are the battery way, Battery Hearn where you can see the biggest gun in the island, Pacific War Memorial and also a view of the tail end from the Pacific war memorial. Also one of the oldest structure in Corregidor is the lighthouse. It was quite damaged during the battle of Corregidor. Lastly, Corregidor Island includes the scope of the Filipino Heroes Memorial wherein fourteen Manual Casas-sculptured murals that illustrate the battle of the Filipinos.

These views are not just for the entertainment of for pictorials only, but you would appreciate the pride and the Filipinos who fought during the battle of the Corregidor.


You would get your money’s worth when touring on the Island of Corregidor. You will not spend your money with just a quick a little of something. But you will spend with a variety of scenic views. Need not to worry because accommodating and friendly tour guides will help you enjoy what you paid for. Not only that, you may also opt to have an overnight for they have the more places that you want to visit. A day would be less if you really want to adore each place. If you chose to stay over the night, you can head back the following morning to the cliff behind the Eternal Flame of Freedom monument to observe the start of a new day.

So what are you waiting for? Include the Island of Corregidor on your bucket list.