Tradisyon Restaurant in Baguio: Comfort Food, Comfort Zone!

Home is where your heart is, and heart is where good food is. Filipinos, by heart, know how good a restaurant is when it reminds them of a mom’s cook or an old supper in a complete home. Somewhere in the city of Baguio, the summer capital of the country is a restaurant that outstands among all in the city because of its best-served foods: the Azalea Baguio – Tradisyon Restaurant.


If you are a traveler and are heading for the best experience during a vacation in Baguio City, best food experience will probably be here. Good eats in the city doesn’t really have to be that far and expensive. The restaurant offers a mix of your all-time favorite Filipino dishes, local Baguio specialties, and some of the international dishes.


Physically, it gives you the comfort of a home first by having its interiors with colors similar to that of a bahay kubo, comfortable chairs, bright lighting, and complex wall décor.


They offer breakfast buffets where all breakfast foods that you can think of can be found. From pieces of bread and pastries, fresh salads, to hot arroz caldo and different delicacies, they have it! If you prefer to have a rice meal for breakfast, no worries because they also serve a number of delicious Pinoy viands that you can choose from.


The restaurant is located just below a hotel, so it is very much easy for tourists to find a place to eat. It is good that places like this exist because it gives us the chance to eat home-cooked foods even though we are really far from home. Additionally, the restaurant preserves the Filipino spirit, Filipino dishes, as well as the things our ancestors have long ago invented; and promotes what the modern Filipinos have created.


If you are planning to get a visit to the summer capital in the Philippines, be sure to have at least a meal at Tradisyon Restaurant and feel the vibes of the Filipino culture while enjoying the most delicious recipes you could possibly have during the vacation.