Top Reasons Why Travelling to the Philippines Will Never Be Regretful

The Philippines is a perfect image of fun and love. From people to places to foods, everything is worth the visit. Travelling to the Philippines gives you a great value for your money. To give you a peek, here are a few reasons why travelling to the Philippines is a good choice.

1. The Filipinos are known to be the most hospitable in the entire world. Tourists who have been in the country remember the Philippines to have the most heartwarming, welcoming, friendly and respectful people. This is one of the reasons why most of the foreign people chose to settle in the country for good.

2. The Philippines is rich in paradise beaches and islands. Being one of the largest groups in the world bearing 7107 islands and still counting for more discoveries, the Philippines is a top destination if you are looking for more scenic views, adventure, and creating memories.

3. Sited in the country is one of the biggest shopping malls in the world, thus, shopping is more fun in the Philippines. What’s unique about the malls and stores in the Philippines is that the displays are not only limited to those that the factory distributes, but it also displays handcrafted products by the natives and Indigenous People of the country. As one of the Philippine’s pride, these products include banig or mat made into clutches, bags, and carpets.

4. Having one of the most diverse wildlife in the world, the Philippines is surely a must-go place! The Philippines is rich in all sorts of birds, plants, and animals both in land and water. Presently, there are over 600 species of birds, 400 of corals, and 300 of amphibians and reptiles found in the country. May it be the giant shark and whale you wish to see or the smallest possible species of fish, everything is united in the Island of the Philippines.

5. The Philippines has the ideal temperature of not going too hot or too cold. Averagely, the yearly temperature of the country is about 26.6 degrees Celsius so wherever you are from whether from the hottest or from the coldest part of the world, you can easily adapt to the country’s tropical weather.