Top Reasons to Stay at Shambala Terraces in Boracay

Because Boracay has become the most densely populated tourist destination through its growing tourism, one would surely feel the need for enough space to rest and be energized for the next morning to come. And because of that, there are many hospitality business establishments that can be found on the Island. Yet, not all inns and hotels in Boracay can give you the best experience and the finest service that you are looking for.


The Shambala Terraces in Boracay Apartments can be the perfect temporary abode for you if you ever want to be in peace after a wild and tiresome experience at the beach. Other than the common things people use as a basis for choosing a place to stay in Boracay, here are a few more reasons why staying in this establishment is worth it:


ALL SORTS OF ROOM CHOICES: Whether you are checking in with friends or with members of your big family, rest assured that you are to be accommodated with full service! It has rooms that vary in affordability and in size according to the number of occupants to cater everyone who comes in no matter how small or big in number. The choices include single bedroom, two-bedroom, a studio penthouse and many more.


FULLY FURNISHED ROOMS: So we all would like to feel like still at home while on a vacation, right? Shambala Terraces Apartments resembles a real home furnished with everything you need! Each room of any type is fully furnished and fully-equipped as a real home to satisfy all your needs during the stay.


JUST NEAR TOURIST DESTINATIONS: So basically, the real point in going to Boracay is to enjoy all its beautiful tourist spots and rare sceneries. To give you less hassle of going to the different places from the room, the Shambala Terraces Apartments are built such that it is located near tourist destinations.


OCEAN VIEW: Because it is undeniable that the best experience is an experience with the beach and sea (way better than just seeing them in pictures), the Shambala Terraces Apartments gives you an even better experience by giving you a view of the ocean at a higher elevation.