Top Philippine Museums: Knowing the Richness of Human Culture

The rich and grand human culture from way back then lies within the thousands of museum halls in the world. More than those museum trips you got from your childhood, the Philippine museums offer more than what you think it could. To those who love to explore the corners of history, among the world’s finest, here are the bests of the Philippines:



Located at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, this is known to be the oldest existing museum in the country boasting its vast collection since the 17th century. It was preserved for 300 years where its collection expanded from mineral, botanical and biological collections to cultural pieces and artifacts. A large part of the museum’s pieces is cultural artifacts that are categorized into petrified animals, 3-dimensional artifacts, and tribal musical instruments. It also includes Pope John Paul II’s chair when he visited Manila as well as the leftover pieces of the old Intramuros churches and gold pieces found in the Philippines.



Found at the heart of the country’s business district, this museum in Makati is one of the most important and most private among all. It contains a huge number of priceless and rare cultural and historical items that cannot be found anywhere in the country. It has been impressing visitors with its handcrafted dioramas for over 40 years now and still has so much more to offer. Its maritime Vessels Collection is worth every visit as well as its fine arts collection such as Juan Luna’s paintings and many more.



Found in Calamba, Laguna, this museum is one of the most visited where an average of 270,000 visitors has recorded annually. It is a replica of Rizal’s house where he was shaped and molded. It now contains a “wishing well” for tourists and visitors that was originally a deep well during the Spanish Colonialism. It also contains books, manuscripts, and artworks owned by the Philippine national hero.



Sited at the Bonifacio Global City, this is a world-class science museum that is first in the Philippines. It has five galleries that would certainly catch your interest, namely the Story of the Universe, the Story of the Earth, the Story of Life, the Story of the Atom and the Story of Technology.