Top 5 Philippine Christmas Destinations

The BER months are coming and hey, who doesn’t want to spend the holidays in a happy place? For the record, the Philippines is known to be the only country who has the longest Christmas celebration. During the month of September, the country is then transformed into a display of colors and lights and Christmas greetings in almost every corner. To help you decide on where to spend the holidays, here are a few of the perfect sites on where to spend your Christmas vacation.


Bacolod City, Negros Oriental

One of the most festive places in the country, Bacolod City has a wide and amazing array of sweet food choices, an old-fashioned lifestyle of the locals, and world-class hospitality. These three are what makes the place a worthwhile destination to spend Christmas.


San Fernando, Pampanga

During Christmas season, the province shines with hundreds of Christmas lanterns that are proudly a product of the locals. Annually, a lantern festival is held where various and massive Christmas lanterns show a rhythm of lights and sounds.


Baguio City, Benguet

Seemingly unfortunate, it doesn’t snow in the Philippines. However, if you want to have the closest temperature, then it is a great idea to be at the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Bazaars, night markets, sales, and winter vibes are all available at a budget-friendly cost.



If you are heading on staying away with the traditional celebrations and excessive reunions during the busiest days on the streets, a Christmas Camping can be a great alternative. A cold temperature comes with a perfect match of a campfire at night and an escape from social media and technology. Among all the places where everyone could settle down for a night or two, Zambales offers a great venue to have a deep or romantic conversation with your loved ones, or catching up with friends you long haven’t seen.



Though it is obvious that this place will be included in the list, it is appropriate to emphasize that the Queen City of the South is not only a good site for good food and good scenic view, but also a site for a warm and fuzzy ambiance.