Top 5 Muslim Delicacies to Try

According to the latest report, 5.6% of the Philippine population are Muslims. They may be the minority regarding the population, but their traditions and culture are so vast to explore. Not to mention their sumptuous delicacies which are surely must-try.


Here we have the top 5 delicacies of our Muslim brothers and sisters in the country that you might want to try next time.


1) The Tiyula Itum

“Tiyula’ itum” is the best viands among the Tausug people and is also a prominent dish of the Muslims. As to how this food originated is not yet known even with the Tausug, but people assumed that the “tiyula’ itum” is a Tausug cuisine because of the inclusion of the burned coconut.


2) Nasi Lemak Rice

Nasi Lemak is a rice dish cooked with coconut milk and “pandan” leaf for added aroma. In the Philippines, it is recognized as one of the famous dishes during Hari Raya festivities of the Muslims.


3) Lokot-lokot

Lokot-lokot is also known as the Zambo Rolls. It is an indigenous delicacy in Zamboanga and its nearby cities. It is also called as “ja”, “tagaktak”, or “lokot-lokot” depending on the particular area where you find the delicacy.


4) Baulo

Baulo is a baked rice treat which is served during festive seasons like the Hari Raya. This delicacy is very comparable to the classic French madeleines yet with a unique twist. Some would use Royal orange soda drink or any flavors of fruit juice to make their Baulos. The traditional way of cooking this treat is by using improvised molds and baking them in the “pugons.”


5) Beef Kulma

Kulma is one of those Filipinos dishes that many are not familiar. It originated from the island of Mindanao in the Southern Philippines, where the Maranao, Yakan, Tausug, and Maguindanao minorities strongly countered the European and North American colonization, protecting their way of life, their Islamic faith, and their culture. Kulma can be thought as a dish that embraces all the cultures in the Philippines, and it is relished and served by both Muslim and Christian alike on Mindanao.