Top 5 Beauty Must-Haves To Fit A Purse

Girls who are always on the go do not need a huge makeup kit. Every day make up does not need a bunch of products – just give it a high five and you’re good to go!


What are those?


Here are our top 5 makeup every on the go girl should have in their purse.




Cover it up!
On the go girls do not need layers of foundation. A simple foundation or concealer stick is enough. There are a lot of powerful concealers in the market today which already provides a great coverage. So, go ahead and cover it up!


Bloom and Pucker Up!
Why would you carry two different products when you can have it in one? Yes, lip and cheek tint it is! Lip and cheek tint is the perfect product for on the go girls.



Fleek it up!
Do you think we’ll forget the brow? NO WAY! Who would want to walk around with brows naked? Get your favorite brow pencil and make that brown on fleek.


Hit the Scent!
Bring along your favorite cologne or perfume with you everywhere you go! You wouldn’t know who you would bump in to, so better be prepared. Perfume and cologne are also great to freshen up and even brighten your mood.


Fresh it Up!
We can’t get away with talking to people and it’s very crucial that we smell and breathe fresh. Either a mouthwash or mint candies, you should always carry anything that can freshen up your breath and one that can help you survive a long day without smelling blah.