Top 4 Most Spectacular Lakes in the Philippines

Anybody who can name a specific body of water that’s so calming and beautiful and amazing all at once? Indeed, that is a lake! Formed on sites where mountains and rift zones exist, these are naturally made and all worth your time. To make it more interesting, here are the five best lakes in the Philippines.


LAKE BULUSAN in Bulusan, Sorsogon

If you’ve already heard of the famous whale sharks in Sorsogon, surely you’ll have the best vacation when you go further on the southern part as you find yourself at the Bulusan Volcano Natural Park. It has a lake which is a home to the endemic freshwater fish species.


LAKE CALIRAYA in Calamba, Laguna

A popular destination for those who love jet skiing, kiteboarding, windsurfing and all other water sports, this is a calm and relaxing place where one can also enjoy fishing, or even just a peaceful stay.


LAKE KAYANGAN in Coron, Palawan

Located in one of the famous places in the Philippines, this is another sight to behold. Crowned as the cleanest lake in the country, Lake Kayangan offers clear blue waters enough to make the rock formations underwater visible. Around the lake are green limestone cliffs, mangrove forests, and caves.


LAKE PANDIN in San Pablo City, Laguna

A twin crater lake in Laguna together with the Lake Yambo, this is one of the great seven lakes that Laguna boasts of and is considered the most untouched among all. It might not be that eye-catching at first glance, but it definitely is amazing knowing that it supports a wide variety of oligotrophic wildlife. Additionally, it is a famous destination for the locals and their families. It was believed that these two lakes Yambo and Pandin were named after two unfortunate lovers where the woman was cursed that if she’ll set foot on the Earth, something terrible might happen. She was cautious and she never dared to do so until a man, Yambo, caused her to do otherwise. As a consequence of doing the act, the earth opened up, swallowed them both and the twin lakes were then made.