Top 3 Reasons Not to Throw Your Dried Flowers

All of the use is pretty sure that there is so much more of the flowers even when they already lost their vibrancy and freshness. If you are an artsy person or you are a pro in doing creative stuff using dried flowers, you will truly appreciate dying flowers even more.


DIY using dried flowers is absolutely the finest. Dried flowers are the ideal project to turn old into something brand new and beautiful.



Combining all the dried petals with some fresh herbs or even organic oils are very simple that everyone can do without a sweat. With just a few steps, you now have a gift of aromatherapy for your kitchen, living room or to the best place, the bathroom.


Just dump the mixture you’ve made in a beautiful basket. You don’t only have a lovely home decor; you also have a scent to enjoy in the whole house.



If you are a DIY enthusiast then, you are also a fan of Pinterest, we suppose. In Pinterest, wreath inspirations are everywhere and they gorgeous. You can do that too with your dried flowers.


Just buy a base at any craft store and start creating. You can hang them on your doors,  windows, the wall or top of your head and don’t stop from there; tie a pink bow on it or add in some twigs.


Press flowers

Pressing dry flowers is also another fabulous way to make the most of your flowers.


Simply learn the basics in pressing dry flowers, and you are off to create your own beautiful artwork. You can use include as a gift if you are hoping to give someone a book. It would not only give it a sweet and personal touch, but it also radiates that boho yet vintage and elegant vibes.


These are just a few of various ways to preserve your flowers and not ditch them too soon after they dried up. With these artsy DIY tips, you don’t need to say goodbye to all the beautiful flowers you got there just yet! Save your favorite ones or maybe create a bouquet for someone special to enjoy all year-round!