Things You Shouldn’t Miss When in Bohol

One of the famous tourist destinations we can hear when in the Philippines is Bohol. Aside from the different delicious cuisines we can experience, it also offers different place to go to and sceneries to discover. To make sure you’ll get the best of everything when you visit Bohol, here are some of the best things you should not miss:



Best known in Bohol are the big – eyed creatures known as Tarsiers. They are the ones who made the place a distinct place from the rest of the places in the country, and never will anyone find them in other places outside Bohol.



Another landmark of Bohol is the Chocolate Hills, which is a limestone formation that turns into green or brown, depending on the season.



If you happen to go to the Loboc River, the best thing to try is the stand – up paddle boarding. A lunch cruise is also offered in the beautifully colored turquoise river, a buffet of best Filipino dishes for everyone.



Check out this 17th century old limestone cathedral in Loboc, where the bell tower was destroyed during the Yolanda typhoon in the Philippines. Despite the destruction, this church today was by far one of the most beautiful ruined churches in the Philippines.



The Hinagdanan Cave is another amazing spot in Bohol. You can jump and swim in the lake while enjoying the memorable view of the rich surrounding flora and fauna.



If you are into some extreme adventures with the water, diving can be your thing. You can do it in Panglao, Bohol, and enjoy the rich marine life in the place as they explore coral reefs and all kinds of fishes.



Travelers, especially couples, should never miss the romantic ambiance brought by the sunset view in Panglao Beach. Doing nothing and just sitting in the view of a hue is one of the best life moments you can have. You can also enjoy this even just by being alone.



If scuba diving is not your thing, maybe you want to try snorkeling and encounter different species underwater such as beautifu fishes, all kinds of starfish, turtles, and a whole lot more!