Things You Probably Believe Wrong About the Philippines

Through time, history has been passed on from generations to generations. The core of the country lies in its historical experiences, and thus, shall not be forgotten and unknown in a Filipino soul. However, over time, wrong information and inaccurate portrayals made us imagine famous past events a bit off-tangent. Now for the purpose of enlightenment, here are some famous events in the Philippines that most of the people have been imagining incorrectly, and discover the reality that hides beneath.


1. During the Philippine – American war, the first shot didn’t happen at the bridge. Are you thinking about the famous San Juanico Bridge? In reality, it was at Sociego Street in Sta. Mesa. Today, the historical marker was moved at the corner of Sociego and Silencio Streets.


2. Magdiwang attended the Tejeros Convention, not Magdalo. Most of those present during the Tejero Convention was a member of the Magdiwang faction of which Bonifacio himself was associated with. Despite that, Aguinaldo and the rest of the Magdiwang won the positions of new government, leaving Bonifacio defeated. So, what gives? Until the present, the famous Tejeros Convention remained as one of the intense controversies of the country’s history.


3. The “Moth and Lamp” Story: You may be thinking that the obedient child who was listening to a mother’s “Moth and Lamp” story was little Jose Rizal, but the reality reflects that Rizal himself was actually being the naughty character.


4. The Cry of Balintawak (Sigaw ng Pugadlawin) was a series of meetings. Upon hearing the title of the event, we mostly picture out a scene of tearing cedulas by Katipunan members. The truth is, Bonifacio and other high-end members of the Katipunan would constantly meet and discuss behind closed doors about various important agenda


5. If you are thinking that blood compacts or ‘sandugo’ were a form of drawing blood on the arms, you probably are thinking it wrong. They were actually on the chest, which signifies peace between the Spaniards and the natives.


As history must be embedded in every mind of all Filipinos, we should always be aware of the important events and make sure when we pass it on, we relay the exact and correct details. The Philippines is truly an enchanting and mysterious place at the same time.