Things To Do in Coron Palawan

Get ready and be prepared for the extraordinary adventure in Coron, Palawan. When visiting a certain place, you should always be set on the things that you should do to avoid stagnancy. Grab a paper and a pen and start writing a list for these adorable and unforgettable places you should visit.


1. Coron’s Island lakes and lagoons – You would be amazed about the hidden lakes located in the Coron Island. Thirteen are hidden among the cliffs. They are protected and considered as sacred by indigenous Tagbanuas. Don’t worry because two of which are open: The Kayangan Lake which is considered as the cleanest lake in Asia and the Barracuda Lake wherein you can enjoy the bizarre underwater limestone formation. Water temperature in Barracuda Lake ranges from 28 – 24 degree Celsius.


2. WWII Japanese Shipwrecks – You can also visit this part in Coron Island where US Navy strike force of fighters and dive-bombers left numbers of burning sinking ship way back in the year 1944. You don’t need to be a good diver for you to encounter this shipwreck. This provides snorkelers the opportunity to admire face-to-face the stuff that surrounds the wrecked ships.


3. Coral Garden – Don’t miss visiting the Coron Palawan. Rising above the clear water are the seven rocky islets and you would love beautiful sites underwater. When you already have heard about this coral garden it may be a dilemma for you on where to go first.


4. Observe the Sea Cows – One of the ecotourism that the island offers is the dugong-watching tour. This will give the tourist the chance to observe the sea cows in their natural habitat.


5. Safari Park – You can also check their mini piece of Africa. Their own Safari Park. This park is also a sanctuary to some indigenous animals


What are you waiting for? Visit the Coron Island and have your list arranged. Enjoy and have fun in Palawan.