The Tree of Life, the Tree of All!

The Filipinos all over the country probably know about the “tree of life”. Ask anyone you see and they would perhaps say it’s a coconut tree. Later you’ll know why.


The coconut tree symbolizes a true-blooded Filipino. The Filipinos are known to be versatile and are good in multitasking. They can do different tasks by each body part they have all at once. Like a coconut tree, each of its parts has certain uses that are beneficial to man – making it called to be the “Tree of Life”. And it was named such, because like an ordinary Filipino, it can be just as simple as you see it, but actually gives almost all the basic needs of life.


So how do we use a coconut tree to its maximum extent? Almost everyone from the other parts of the world have said that it is only in the Philippines have they found that all parts of this tree are being transformed into something very useful. Generally, this tree protects, heals, feeds, gives art, and many more.


A tree that has reached 60 years is already qualified as a good lumber that can be used for building houses. But wait! Before cutting the whole tree down, all its coconuts should be removed or harvested.


The tough skin of the tree is a good material to create fences and yard decoration.


The mature coconut meat called as “Copra” can be processed and added as an ingredient in manufacturing beauty products such as soap, oil, and other cosmetics.


And are we going to throw the coconut shell? Of course, no. They can be transformed into charcoal that is very useful in cooking.  The husk can be used to make doormats and half of a shell can even be made into floor scrubs, the one used for polishing the floor.


How about spring rolls? Have you tasted the ever delicious “lumpiang ubod”? This is the native spring roll in the Philippines that is much tastier than the one with meat. The ubod, or the heart of the palm is the main ingredient.


And how about the leaves? It also has a lot of uses. It can be a roofing material that symbolizes relaxation and calmness.  Or it can be made into a broom.


Its water is a good treatment for Urinary Tract Infection and is a good alternative for sports water.


So whenever you see one of these trees around the country, never underestimate its simplicity. Appreciate what it has to offer and keep in mind how much it has helped us.