The Sunken Cemetery Memories of Camiguin’s Rested Locals

10 kilometers off the coast of Misamis Oriental in the Northern Mindanao portion of the Philippines, this place is a must – be – seen! Travelled from any point in the Philippines, there are places where you could easily access transportation to Camiguin.


Basically, this place spots the swept remains of the place’s deceased locals. When Mt. Vulcan Daan erupted, the cemetery was driven underwater and the large cross then provided the town’s people a mark to memorialize their loved ones who were buried there.


If you wish to visit the place and have the best view of the day, the best time to arrive at the Sunken Cemetery is after lunch because there will be enough natural light to highlight the visit as the water is at its ideal level: not too high, safe for returning to the shore.


The way to the cross gives you a good catch of Mt. Hibok-hibok’s view including its unexplained atmosphere. The volcano holds the record for being the most active of the seven volcanoes on the island. Additionally, the island also boasts of its vast balance of flora and fauna, and mineral-rich soil brought by the volcanoes.


Be excited and overwhelmed as you touch down the Sunken Cemetery. Somewhat, this is considered as a popular enchanted spot in each local folklore. With the thought that the place is a site for reminiscing the moments with the deceased, this, therefore, is dramatic to the imagination.


At a distance, the place definitely depicts a lonely and solemn place. Some would say it is a sad place, while others would say it is just as peaceful as one can imagine. Below the cross are the lost lives of people from long ago, who reminds the locals of the culture, history, and tourism.


The air that surrounds the Sunken Cemetery, its ancient structure of the cross and the terrace all add to its appeal, inviting everyone, especially the nature lovers to come and see what it has to offer. Camiguin is not only for water rafting adventures but also for unwinding moments should one like to feel real peace and alone time.