The Queen’s Pride: Cebu Lechon Belly

Being a Queen City in the beautiful land of the Philippines, Cebu is not only rich in mesmerizing places to visit, but also of good food to feed our raging tummies. Food is undeniably one of the reasons why people would keep on coming back to a place they have once visited. One sentence to keep it all sure: When in Cebu, eat Lechon. Lechon, a locally roasted pig common in the Philippines is surely one of the most favorite dishes of all Filipinos. This can be found and is cooked anywhere in the country, but Cebu has just won everyone’s heart when it comes to eating Lechon.


Having said that this is common anywhere in the country, you may have tasted several Lechon that was said to be the best, but the one in Cebu is a hundred percent exceptional! The Lechon Belly is already popular citywide, with ten branches due to growing public demand. With the density of the crowd going, sets upon sets of uncut Lechon bellies are being prepared.


Aside from the typical Lechon belly that we all know, others available at the Queen City are the Puso which is a steamed rice woven in coconut leaves best partnered with Lechon, Lechon dugo-dugo, Lechon rolls, Lechon Sinigang, and all others which take Lechon as their primary ingredient.


Taking a little background check on this delicious recipe, Marlon Gochan has conceptualized the whole thing due to a desire of serving everyone with the best part of the pig, which is the belly. It was then put into a reality where the bellies are cooked flavored with special ingredients and spices.


The tender, salty and flavorful meat of Cebu’s Lechon Belly is definitely one of the main reasons why the city is a tourist magnet. The crunchy skin adds appetite, and if you are fond of eating spicy dishes, there is also a spicy-flavored Lechon belly.


When in Cebu, never miss the chance to taste this one of a kind dish and live the happy and delicious Cebuano life!