The Philippines’ Own Taste of Wine

Alcoholic beverage never ran out when celebrating a fiesta, birthday, anniversary and other grand celebration. Of course, most of the country has their own way and specialty when making their famous drink in the event. When America, France, and Australia have their own wine, Philippines has its own too, the ever tasty and healthy palm wine.


Wherever there’s a numerous plant of palm trees, surely there is someone guzzling down their syrupy content. Palm wine is made of sweet tasty sap from the wounded palm trees. This plant can be found in Africa and Of course in the Philippines.


You may think that drinking Palm wine would be the same when drinking other alcoholic beverages sold in the supermarket or store. But Palm Wine contains a lot of content which is good for our body. Here are some of the content of the Palm wine which can be helpful to your health.


• Drinking palm wine can improve your eyesight and maintains good eye health. This is because of the vitamin C the wine contains and which is also found in other fruits and vegetables.

• Palm wine contains potassium which helps decrease the risk of having cardiovascular problems.

• Due to the Riboflavin, an antioxidant content in the wine, drinking this beverage is also helpful to fight some cancer agents.

• Drinking Palm wine would also help you maintain the healthiness of your hair and your skin.


Drinking palm wine may be helpful for our health but not by drinking it within excess. You can drink this for a special occasion and not too often. You should be guided that this fermented wine in excess is harmful to your health.