The Philippine’s Largest Bloom – Rafflesia

Travelers and tourists? Are you ready to visit and observe the Philippines largest bloom, the Rafflesia? 

Yes, you are right! The Philippines has this kind of flower. Rafflesia is a flower that when you hear its description it may sound like in a comic or a fantasy story. This plant has no leaves, no steam, and no roots and. Also, it relies on another plant to survive. It is the biggest flower in the world. I know you are wondering how it grows when it doesn’t even have roots.

Well, this is how it goes. Rafflesia is a genus parasite plant which attaches itself to a host plant. This host plant is called Tetrastigma vine, a genus plant in a grape family which only grows in undisturbed rainforests to gain water and nutrients. Here are some facts about rafflesia. It only has a small life of 5-7 days. It is unisexual.

By now, you already have an idea that it is a huge plant and it weighs up to 10 kilograms. It has 5 petals and a reddish tentacle-like is the cause of its rotten smell. Rafflesia will not undergo photosynthesis unlike other plants for it doesn’t have chlorophyll.  This was first discovered in the mountain between Laguna and Quezon and some of also bloomed in Baungon, Bukidnon.

When, journalist, scientist, and tourist would know that it bloomed, surely they would rush and go there without any doubt for it only has a short span of life. Rafflesia is now one of the endangered plants so don’t waste a time. Visit the world’s largest, rare, heaviest and stinkiest flower in the world. Visit the Corpse Plant.