The Philippines is More Fun With Surigao Festivals!

A known city from the south of the Philippines, Surigao City also celebrates a lot of festivals each year. Even though it may seem to be so far especially to those who are located outside Mindanao, you will see that everything is worth the distance once you have finally stepped to the land of Surigao. For all of you who are reading this right now, here are some of the best days or dates to visit Surigao City.


STO. NINO DE BAD-ASAY FIESTA – this is celebrated on the 14th of January as a feast for the holy child Jesus Christ. It is more like Cebu’s Sinulog Festival, just that it focuses more on the child instead of pouring much time on the grandiose street dancing.


SAKAY SAKAY ABAYAN FESTIVAL – this is celebrated on June 1st where a procession at sea in honor to a patron saint, the Patroness of Good Voyage, Virgen de la Paz y Buen Viaje is being done. The patroness is carried in a beautiful vessel, escorted by colorful motorboats routing along the historic places of Surigao.


TILAW FOOD FESTIVAL – from the dialect “tilaw” which literally means “to taste”, this event exhibits the culinary heritage of Surigao by means of competitions and food fairs that is made to improve, develop, and promote the food and beverage products of the city.


BONOK BONOK MARADJAW KARADJAW FESTIVAL – another festival to look forward to, this event is celebrated on the 10th of September with its commonly highlighted events such as street dance parade with legends and ancient lifestyle portrayal, which made it as an award-winning cultural religious festival


KALIGUAN FESTIVAL – a festival with a long celebration, this is celebrated on the 21st up to the 25th of June and is done in honor of the patron saint John the Baptist.