The Philippines: A Beginner’s Guide

If you have plans on traveling, the Philippines should be on your bucket list. The Philippines is an easy travel destination by Southeast Asian standards. With the majority of the population speaks English, and the people have this easygoing and hospitable characteristic, soothing for first-time travelers. You might have been told lots of thing about the archipelago – good things or bad. However, there are still things to know in order to fully enjoy your trip to the Philippines and might as well remember during your stay.


Tip number one: buying into the fear factor

You might have heard people saying about the robbery, kidnapping or worse things if you set foot in the Philippines, so you did not venture out that much during your stay. A huge mistake. The Philippines have suffered an unjustified reputation for being tagged as a “dangerous” place. But trust me, the Philippines is as safe as anywhere in Southeast Asia. But once you have explored and wandered the country, you would be laughing at the thought of it as being a dangerous country.


Tip number two: The weather

A common misbelief about the Philippines is that the entire archipelago has the same weather. For instance, the capital city has a particularly rainy season from July to September but many other areas in the country are hot and dry during this time. Study the weather and carefully plan your trip.


Tip number three: Look up your local friends

The Filipino people are very hospitable and they love company as well. If you have any local acquaintances, let them know you are coming, they’ll do everything they can to help you enjoy your trip. Filipinos love to show their guests the best they have.