THE PHILIPPINE JEEPNEY: Preserving the Country’s Culture

When visiting the Philippines, you might want to add the word “Jeepney” to your travel vocabulary list. The word Jeepney is believed to come from the words “jeep” and “knee” because of the jam-packed passengers sitting knee to knee. Jeepneys are the means of transport for traveling short distances. This public transport vehicle represents the multicultural history of the Philippines. It gives off a bit of Spanish-Mexican aura, because of how they incorporate vivid colors and fiesta-like ambiance. And it evolved from the American Jeep with Japanese engines. But the best part is that it was built by Filipino hands.

What’s so special about it?

A work of art on wheels, a post-world war II innovation, and a cultural symbol; Jeepneys have excessive decorations, loud colors, common signage and messages, and a noisy engine. And probably no two jeepneys are the same. It is one of a kind since you can never see it in any other part of the world. Though you would experience a pretty shaky ride sometimes, it is safe and you surely would enjoy it. Jeepneys are the best and most comfortable transport option for travelers on a budget.

Where can I find this inexpensive transportation?

These Jeepneys are everywhere; there is no way you would not spot at least one when wandering the streets.  They have fixed routes, picking up and dropping off passengers anywhere.

So if you are looking for some adventure, wandering the metropolis and countryside riding a jeepney is worth the experience.