The Philippine Apo Reef: Discovering Wonders of Nature Through Travelling

Situated on the western waters of Occidental Mindoro in the Mindoro Strait is the world’s second largest contiguous coral reef system, the Philippines’ Apo Reef. In an approximately 34 square kilometers of reef, diverse corals of different species as well as marine life are found. These are fishes, marine mammals and invertebrates. Being one of the most popular dive sites in the country, the place is very much taken care of and protected. Its marine park opened for tourists and helped generate funds for various reasons.


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources submitted the reef as a Heritage Site in 2006 to the UNESCO. As of March of 2015, Apo Reef was one of the 19 different sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage


If you are planning to have a trip to the famous Apo Reef, there are a few choices for you on how to get there:


1. Traveling from Manila, start off at JAC Liner Bus Terminal in Pasay and then take a ride to Batangas Port through a Ceres bus. After two hours of travel to the port of Batangas, a three – hour ride to RORO will take you to the Abra de Ilog port where vans and other car rental services awaits tourists to send them into Sablayan.

2. Another way to get there is to travel by air. Book a ticket that is bound to be in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. Once you arrived at the airport, a short tricycle ride to the buses bound to Sablayan is waiting.

3. And finally, by land or by sea transportation to the Apo Reef is done by RORO buses or “Roll On/Roll off buses that go straight to Sablayan.

A breakfast at the public market is always the best for most locales in the place. From there, a short ride can be availed to where boats are waiting. And more or less three hours of boat ride brings you to the enchanting and majestic Philippine Apo Reef! The ride is surely long, and a little bit of a hassle, but once you’ll arrive at the destination, you could really say that everything is worth it.