The Great and The Mighty: General Santos City!

You might have wondered why the city of General Santos was described to be “the great and the mighty” here. There are actually a lot of reasons but one of them is that the Philippine National Fish, as well as the famous boxer Manny Pacquiao, are found here. And no, it doesn’t end there. The city is not only known for its best products, but also for its beautiful places.


1. Klaja Karst – said to be a place where the Japanese soldiers were making tunnels from the past, this place was named after the Bisaya word “kalaha” because it has a basin-like façade. Today, it is a great place to camp for those who want to do stargazing activities.


2. Fifth Mountain Balakayo – are you looking for a great adventure? This can be what you are looking for! The Fifth Mountain Balakayo is famous for its Zipline and Sky Cable rides, the only one in GenSan! Experience the thrill and excitement of a 200-meter long Zipline with 80 kph speed for only 250 pesos!


3. Sanchez Peak – this can be found at the boundaries of two barangays called Olympog and Conel and is best for those who love trekking and climbing activities. With an elevation of 800 feet above sea level, this can definitely give you a bird’s eye view of the City. There are two trails in going to the peak: one is quite a challenging path and the other one is a very easy path.


4. Manilay Ancestral House – the modern environment of the General Santos City has something left that pictures the past. In purok Malakas in barangay San Isidro, there is an ancestral house that takes back the telephone wire, wooden refrigerators, wooden floor, and old photo albums. This is actually a replica of the Laguna Old House that attracts everyone despite its aged look, smell, and aura.


The City of General Santos is indeed a great place to go to. Be sure to visit this place on one of your vacations!