The Good Side of the Tropics: Philippine Tropical Fruits

The Philippines is a tropical country abundant of fruits that grow in warm areas with a temperate climate or what we know as tropical fruits. Here are some of the best – tasting fruits that can be found in the country.


1. Sugar Apple – also known as “Atis,” this was popularized during the Spanish era. Atis is a sweet fruit and can actually be seen anywhere in the Philippines, even in the neighborhood. This is abundant most especially during the months of September, October, and November.


2. Banana – the Philippines’ number one export product, different varieties of bananas can be found in the country. These are tundan, lakatan, señorita, saba, and others, which can be cooked and dished into various ways. It is very healthy and loaded with potassium, a primary nutrient needed by the body.


3. Coconut – also known as “Buko” by the Filipinos, this fruit is a large and shelled nut, white flesh and water – like juice found inside. Mainly, it us rich in vitamin B but was tagged as the “tree of life” because all parts of the tree to the fruits provide raw materials that can be used for different purposes. Other products are coconut milk, vinegar, and alcohol.


4. Durian – also known as “King of all Tropical Fruits”; this fruit as they say “smells like a rotten sock” but behind that is a delicious taste one will surely love. It is covered with a skin with sharp spines, abundant in Davao City, Philippines.


5. Guava – also known as “bayabas,” this is a tropical green fruit that is a real fount of Vitamin C, potassium, and dietary fibers; good for treating constipation and skin problems and has a soft and juicy flesh.


6. Jack Fruit – also known as “langka,” this is a fruit that has a green skin but turns yellow when ripe. Inside are large bulbs of yellow sweet – tasting flesh. It is the most impressive tree-borne fruit in tropical areas worldwide. This fruit is good for the immune system, helps regulate blood sugar levels, prevents bone loss and helps fight anemia.


7. Pineapple – a tropical fruit that tastes in between the sour and the sweet loved by many Filipinos. Today, it can be processed to produce a canned pineapple juice and made available for export.


8. Papaya – a good pear – shaped orange tropical fruit recommended for fighting cancer, heart attack, and stroke. It is sweet and soft and turns to orange from green when ripe.


9. Mangosteen – also known as the “Queen of Fruits,” this is one of the most delicious fruits in the tropics, pulpy and tastes delicate sweet acid.


10. Mango – also known as the “Apple of the Tropics,” this tropical fruit is one of the most famous, healthiest, and most delicious in the country. It is rich in vitamins A, C, and D and can be eaten whether ripe or not.