The City of Golden Friendship

“Tsada!” Into the city where this expression was born hides an unforgettable and worthy experience. Two hours of air travel to the south from Manila leads you to the city of Cagayan de Oro. In an interview, some tourists marked that the locals were friendly and helpful to travelers. They are also good in speaking English and Tagalog, so it is not hard to communicate with them. The city offers a lot of things to do and places to go during a visit.


The white water rafting is really something to try and is one of the highlights of the city. The jumpoff point is an hour away from the city proper. A lot of package tours are offered as it is expected to be visited by countless tourists. It is, however, quite dangerous, so the tourist guides provide helmets and life vests, and of course, a short but concise safety briefing.


Another tourist destination which is 30 minutes from the city proper is the Mapawa Nature Park. It consists of a 20-minute trail hike leading to a legendary 350 years old heritage tree and another 15-minute walk that leads to the jump-off point for the river trek. Be amazed at the two-storey high and six-storey high waterfalls and a 25-foot high cliff jump that waits at the end of the journey.


Just near the Mapawa Nature Park lies the Malasag Eco-Tourism Village. It focuses on giving you more of a cultural experience where you can enjoy the beauty and traditions of Mindanao’s indigenous tribes.


On the way to the famous white water rafting jump off point is the Macahambus Cave of Cagayan de Oro City. It is a cave sharing the memories of the historical times. In 1990, this cave became the hideout of Kagay-anon soldiers during the Filipino-American war. Going out of the cave then redirects you to the Cagayan River.


Not only does this place offer good food and cheap cost of living, but it also has excellent places to wander. From the city of golden friendship, rest assured everything you see is Tsada!