The Best of the Philippines: Top Exported Products Worldwide

This Philippines is blessed with almost all kinds of produces across its regions and undeniably, it is rich in natural resources. Places, foods, raw materials, handcrafted products – name it, the country has it! To know more about what this article says, here are some of the products the country boasts abroad:


1. Mangoes – Also known as the third most important food crop in the country, mangoes in the Philippines have earned high demands in the international market. Both the fruit and the dried product are being exported to different countries.


2. Coconut – Being one of the coconut largest producers in the world, the Philippines supplies about 50 % of the coconut oil in the world. This is used as a main ingredient for the production of some foods such as biscuits, cakes, and cookies. Additionally, this is also used in beauty and wellness purposes.


3. Chocolates – The city of Davao in the Philippines is also known for having the largest cacao seed plantation in the country. The Malagos chocolates have been well-known around the world and even won in a chocolate competition in Germany for the unsweetened chocolate products purely made from cacao beans. Today, these chocolates are exported to Singapore, London, US, and Japan.


4. Tuna – Where accredited tuna canneries are found, the Philippines is also very much known for supplying tuna in the European Union.


5. Bananas – Among all the products the Philippines export, one commonly known product is the Banana. In fact, there are a total of over 400,000 hectares of banana plantation in the Philippines, and the country is known today as a reputable supplier in the industry.


6. Pineapple – A top product for export of Northern Mindanao, this tropical fruit is best for exporting. A fresh fruit to canned ones of different cut sizes, the country is continually sending these products in the international market. Aside from that, products made of pineapple fibers are also a hit in the industry.


7. Muscovado Sugar – Another top export in the Philippines is the Muscovado Sugar which has been recorded to have an increasing demand in the international market, this is the unrefined brown sugar that is naturally produced and is most preferred because it has no added chemicals.


If you are in the country or are planning to visit the country, lucky you because you’ll get to avail these products at a cheap price and get a first hand pick of them. Indeed, everything is fun in the Philippines!