The Best in Romblon

Are you looking for less traveled, affordable and relaxing place to travel? Try to visit the appealing place of Romblon and be amazed of the bucket of activities you can enjoy with beautiful landscapes, deluxe mountains, and uncrowded beach that you can enjoy and surely will leave you surprised.


Here is the list of places you can visit:


St. Joseph’s Cathedral and Belfry – This is the oldest church in Romblon and yes, this still exists. This church is made of coral blocks and bricks. You would really appreciate how it was built if you would see it for yourself. A church that was built so uniquely.


Beaches – You can visit a lot of beaches in the town of Romblon. You can try the resort in Talipasak and Tiamban Beach. They offer a peaceful place to rest for the visitors. They also have fun activities you can indulge such as swimming, snorkeling, island hopping and beachcombing.


Marble Factories – The marble capital of the Philippines. You would enjoy taking some photos of the marble made statues and you can enjoy watching the process of how it is made by visiting the factory.


Romblon Shopping Center – Before leaving the town, do not forget to visit the shopping center to buy some souvenirs and stuff from Romblon. You can also purchase the Philippine Native Hat or known as the Salakot. A hat made of rattan or reeds.

Romblon has a lot to offer. You just need to search the best about the place before exploring. Then, enjoy each time and use it wisely. Make up your mind and Visit Romblon now!