The Beauty of Raffia Crafts

When buying a product we always want to make sure that we always get the best one and we’ll get our money’s worth. Well so much about that, we often appreciate things made of something luxurious and materials are imported from other countries. Now, we often neglect products that are made from woods or living things like plants. Here is one of the most incredible product you may have seen and are worth keeping.


Raffia is a leaf rib fiber which grows in tropical regions like Madagascar, Africa and also we have that here in the Philippines. It is used as a material for different products such as baskets, rope, placemats, shoes, hats or even textile. This kind of material is very valuable to crafters for its quality like being soft, it is easy to dye and once products are made, rest assured that it is very durable. Some raffia is usually hand woven and then applied to some handcrafted objects like mugs, cloth, and slippers and are often used as decors. These products can be found in the city of Bohol and also in Cebu.


Not only Raffia can be used as accessories, it can also be used as a drink such as wine. They use the Raffia palm to make one and it provides culture drink due to its sap and it also contains sugar. They call that alcoholic-beverage a palm wine from the sap of various species of a palm tree. It is not only famous in the Philippines but it is also known in Africa. Don’t wait for the time to tick and grab one of the Raffia products now.