The Beauty of Cultured Pearls

The Philippines has a lot of wealth and considered treasures but sometimes just taken for granted with co-Filipinos. Did you know that some crafts, designs, and accessories and other products made from the own country of the Philippines were famous and are very expensive in the foreign countries?

Here is an instance. Cultured pearls that we always have, the pearl that can be found in some places in the Philippines like in Busuanga. People often get confused when they hear the phrase “cultured pearl” and would believe that these pearls are not real.

Actually, cultured pearls grow in an oyster and it is the same way the pearls would grow and may begin naturally. Some shades or pearls are white, cream natural and sometimes you can find shades of black too. The Philippines is rich in cultured pearls and can be sold at the high price in the other countries. You may wonder the Philippines most often have cultured pearls than natural pearls.

Well, natural pearls are often hard to find these days for only 10,000 oysters produces natural pearls that are hard to find but not impossible. You would know that it is natural pearl because it would often come in the unusual form or not the round form of pearl the people have known.

These pearls are rare and are often very expensive in an auction. We may not appreciate its quality and price at the moment but years would pass and prices of these cultured or natural pearls would also rise. Let’s treasure what we have as early as now and adore the wealth and pride of our country.