Take Me More: More from the Philippines, More Souvenirs for You!

A vacation from the Philippines would perhaps be incomplete without taking home some souvenirs. Some reflect culture, some show Filipino creativity, but definitely, all are works of pure love. The following are the most common souvenirs one can take home from a visit in the Philippines.


I LOVE Philippines T-Shirt

After a visit to the Philippines, you or one of your companions would most probably say “I love the Philippines”. Tell the people waiting for you at home about how much you loved your vacation by giving them a shirt that states the same thing. This may not be the type of shirt that you would like to wear on your normal days, but this is so much comfortable as a “stay home” shirt.



Soaps and lotions all fresh from the Philippines are one of the best souvenirs to bring. Buy soaps with a fragrance of your favorite scent, reminding you of the country. This is one of the best souvenirs because it can be consumed and shared.



A traditional alcoholic drink by the Filipinos, this is a famous product made out of the coconut. It is pretty similar to whiskey and rum, with an alcohol content of 30 – 50 percent.



Also one of the best souvenirs from the Philippines, this is for those who love to go to the beach. It is made from palm and is best for those who love visiting the beach since this can be used as a substitute for a beach towel.



With much credits to our native brothers and sisters bravely going underneath waters just to find these, pearls are indeed a great souvenir from the Philippines. This can be bought into a form of a necklace, bracelet, and any other kinds. Pearls from the country are definitely much cheaper when compared to many places across the world. Just be sure that you are buying the real ones, not the synthetic plastic pearls.