Sweetest Pinoys: Must-Try Filipino Favorite Desserts

The Filipino culture is mostly all about having a good food and inventing a new one. As part with the Filipino tradition, these specialties are being served in all celebrations as marked to be the Filipino hospitality and creativity. If you are planning to take a tour in the Philippines, or maybe the next time you visit the country, be sure to take note of the must-try desserts in the Philippines. Here are a few:


1.       Leche Flan – made from egg yolk, milk, and caramel, this has probably been the favorite of most people in the country. The distinct texture and sweetness that’s so heartwarming are only found in the Philippines.

2.       Ginataan – Cococnut is abundant in the Philippines and coconut milk has been widely used in different dishes, as well as snacks which vary into Ginataan Halo Halo or mixed fruits,  Ginataang Mais or rice and corn, and Ginataang Monggo.

3.       Banana Cue – Only in the Philippines where you can taste a deep fried banana in a thick coat of sugar that tastes so heaven and van easily by bought anywhere along the streets.

4.       Buko Salad – Almost all Filipino gathering wouldn’t miss a buko salad. This is a concoction of grated coconut, sweetened milk, and a variety of different fresh fruits.

5.       Ube Halaya – A special treat to every Filipino, this is a delicious delicacy but can rarely be found because of the difficulty in preparing and cooking it.

6.       Turon – Almost similar with banana cue that’s deep fried with a thick sugar coating, this one has an additional wrapper and has additional fillings, typically a jackfruit.

7.       Suman – this one is a common delicacy that can be found anywhere in the Philippines wrapped in palm or banana leaf that may come in many variations such as a glutinous rice or cassava.

8.       Buko Pandan – A favorite treat especially by kids, this is almost similar to buko salad, just that all the fresh fruits in the buko salad are replaced by Pandan-flavored gelatin.

9.       Halo-Halo – Usually found only on summer time before, halo – halo today can be found anywhere and anytime you prefer. From the name itself, this is a mixture of shaved ice, milk, sweetened fruits, ice cream, and beans.