Strawberry Taho: A Unique Filipino Recreation

A Filipino home is not a home without a morning dose of a vendor’s voice shouting “Tahooooooo!” in the streets. Children would automatically run towards him and sometimes bring their cups and mugs, excitedly handling a 5 peso coin to “Mamang Magtataho,” the vendor. Taho or Soy Bean Curd is an important breakfast item for every Filipino especially to the young ones because it is affordable, sweet and rich in protein. It is made of soy beans sweetened by syrup usually made of brown sugar or molasses. And finally, sago or tapioca balls are added and mixed.


With the Filipino’s creativity, a variety of Taho has been invented: the mouthwatering strawberry taho. Proudly from the summer capital of the Philippines having much abundance of strawberries, it is of great pride and honor that you can only find this yummy recipe in Baguio. There, Taho vendors would carry two types of taho syrup. One is the ordinary sweetener syrup, and the other one is the strawberry syrup. Strawberry Taho costs for 15 to 20 pesos per cup and is available almost any time of the day may it be morning, late afternoon, or evening.


This is well known in almost all Baguio tourists and is always sought for by everyone. Being one of the must try delicacies, this can also possible be found in places which are major suppliers of strawberry around the country. One good example is the La Trinidad in Benguet where strawberry farms are also abundant. Even today, people from all ages are always being caught by every vendor’s voice shouting “Tahooooo!” or “Strawberry Tahooooo!” on the roads.


This is one of the delicacies that a Filipino would always remember especially when outside the Philippines. Indeed, it has created thousands of memories, from its unforgettable flavor that reminds us of our younger years and happy places. If you are to visit Baguio, try at least a cup of strawberry taho as we greet you and give the feeling of a real home. It’s more fun in the Philippines; it’s more YUM in the Philippines!