Steady-Budget Places to Travel in the Philippines

For those who desire to see the beauty of the Philippines and travel to one or more places but worries about the expenses, keep reading. This one’s for you! A tight budget while traveling is actually not a problem. Here are some places in the Philippines that are definitely budget-friendly and are worth the visit.



A thousand peso makes a wonderful day in Bataan. The transportation costs 200 pesos per head and all the other tourist spots are just in a walking distance – one is the Majestic Balanga Church. If you want to go to Mount Samat in an easy way, you can ride a tricycle for only a hundred pesos. There, you can tour on its wonderful places especially the museum and the popular Dambana ng Kagitingan for a very low cost. And don’t forget the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar to complete your Bataan experience!



Sand, sun, saltwater, and peace are sometimes the only things you want. The fare in going here is definitely very affordable and the entrance, cottage, and all other amenities in the resort are also set in low prices, definitely worth it. The place has no electricity, hotels, and restaurants, so this is definitely a perfect place for those who want to unwind with just the sunrise and the sunset views.



A perfect quick holiday for only 3000 pesos makes it to Baguio City. Some would definitely think that going here is expensive, but why not be a backpacker? Take the bus and spend a few days in the Summer Capital of the Philippines! There is no need to worry about a room for you to stay. There are many transient rooms in the place that are offered in low prices, the places are all in a walking distance, and the food is available almost anywhere – practical and affordable!