Spot the Best Pottery Places in the Philippines

As technology progresses, seems like crafts such as pottery would become of the endangered arts. People might think why spend more money in a handmade craft while a machine can also do it? Have you ever wondered how pottery arts like plates, and other utensils would change or affect one’s appetite? Using a special one would have a great impact to guests in an event. You will know in this article the different places in the Philippines where to find the best potteries.


Cabang – This is considered as the Pottery World of Miagao. Pottery making is one of the neverending art in Miagao. You will find the handmade pots where combined with creativity. These wares can be used to embellish one’s house and also can use it for storage for things. Cabang is located in Iloilo and most residents of the barangay consider this as their main source of living. They make jars for clean water storage, stove, native cooking pot and also pot use for plants.


Lanella Abueva-Fernando  – This is a pottery located in Antipolo City. You can find one of the best creative pots. You can have your collection of ceramic-made pots in the place.


• Ugu Bigyan’s Potter’s Garden – Another spot to visit when looking for best pots. When making pots, Ugu Bigyan’s Potter’s Garden uses ceramics and clayware and it became known to people in Tiaong, Quezon.


Beautify your homes now and visit these adorable place where you can have your best handmade and creative collections. Make your home a spot of every place in the Philippines.