Smart Tips to Keep Your Pillows in Shape

Our bed is definitely our haven after a very tiring day, that is why it is vital that the beddings stay clean and cozy. A very good sleep largely depends on how comfortable especially our pillow. However, pillows can quickly lose its fluffiness and its shape over time.


If you are a person who can’t have a good sleep without a fluffy pillow then, you have to learn these smart and simple tips to keep them in shape.


No, you don’t need to throw them away when they already look lifeless and ugly because we can revamp them.


Here are four smart and simple ways to keep them in shape:

1. One of the easiest and fun ways of revamping and getting your pillows into the right shape and fluffiness again is to torture them. By torture, we mean shaking, squeezing, throwing them around and even punching them. This will surely get them in shape again.


Tip: Give them a little shake every night before going to bed and don’t wait for your pillows to lose their fluffiness overtime entirely.


2. Another way of fluff up your pillows is to put them in the dryer. But do you know that adding tennis ball in the dryer will fluff them so much more. The tennis balls will be the one to do the first tip when you don’t have the time to torture your pillows.


3. Although pillows have covers, they need to be washed too! Washing them thrice or twice a year is all good but make sure to follow the washing instructions of the pillow to avoid damage.


4. Admit it, we all sweat even when we are sweating, and the sweat sips to our beddings especially into the pillows. The moisture and the sweat is one of the main causes for the pillows to lose its shape and we can’t wash them every other day. Lay your pillows under the sun to get rid of the moisture. It’s also a great trick to sanitize your pillows somehow and dry them off.