Sampaguita: The Country’s Pride

Even in earlier days, Filipinos have admired the aromatic fragrance of Jasminum sambac, locally known as Sampaguita. The flower is popular among Filipinos because of its significance in Philippine history. It was declared as the national flower for it symbolizes humility, purity, simplicity, and strength. Sampaguita is a type of shrub with small white flowers.  Its flower smells so sweet that it can be used for tea and perfumes. In the Philippines, it is commonly used as adornments, crowns, or garlands, and distill its oil and sell them stores, streets, and sometimes outside the churches.


Are you a fan of eating flowers?

You don’t have to worry if you want to taste the Sampaguita flower since it is edible. Though it is rarely used in cooking; it has been used as a flavoring for artisan ice cream products and tea.


Here are some uses of the flower that might give you some ideas.

The Sampaguita flower is apt for religious ceremonies, especially weddings. It can also be included in floral bouquets to express love and affection to someone. It would also give a romantic ambiance if placed in the bedroom or on a dining table. It can also be used as an adornment on religious altars or garlands to welcome guests. The scent of this flower is also perfect for aromatherapies.

The Sampaguita has small white flowers that teach us that even with a short life and a small appearance; you can bring a significant change to your surroundings.