Revelry at its Finest: Madayaw Dabaw!

As the Filipinos are fond of merry making, Davao City has a lot of moments to celebrate. A perfect place for a happy soul is everything.


Kadayawan, the Festival of Festivals has celebrated annually in the Land of Promise, the City of Davao, during the month of August. From the Dabawenyo “Dayaw” meaning good, valuable or beautiful the festival derived its name from the friendly greeting “Madayaw.” It is a form of thanksgiving for bountiful harvest. It also depicts the Davawenyos’ vibrant culture and heritage.


Araw ng Dabaw. As everything has an unforgettable beginning, so is the city of Davao. The Land of Promise is no exception in celebrating birthdays, and everyone looks forward to a praiseworthy event every 16th of March. Between the days of March 14 – 16, a chock – full are already lined for this much-esteemed occasion. These are Mutya ng Dabaw, Datu Bago Awards, Museo Dabawenyo Historical Exhibit, Agro – Industrial fair, SaliDabaw, Sayawan sa Daan, Banda Hudyaka, Parada Dabawenyo, etc. All these shall portray all manners of sources that give Davao power and adherence despite the diversity of culture and beliefs. Happy Birthday, Davao!


Kasinatian. A combination of Kadayawan Sa Dabaw, Sinulog of Cebu, Ati – Atihan of Aklan and Anihon sa Toril, this festival is all about putting the community in a joyous celebration through upbeat music, colorful dances, and of course, a divine prayer. This event is also packed with activities such as Folk Dance Competition, Tunog Kasinatian, Reyna ng Kasinatian, GKK Day, Float Parat with Indak – Indak sa Kadalanan, Photo Contest, and Fun Run aerobics.


Tabanogan. Also known as the Feast of St Peter, this infamous event in Davao is notable for its Kite Flying Competition. People battle among themselves to showcase their talent in the longstanding and ancient art. This feast aims to bring happiness to everyone through vivid games and kite flying.


Davaoeños sure love fun and adventure. Various feasts and festivals are marked on their calendar and plan books. These festivals may have originated for different purposes and reasons, but one thing that’s sure is that Davaoeños are affiliated in one objective, and that is to celebrate and commemorate the diverse but compact traditions, beliefs, and culture in Davao City.