Remarkable Filipino Events That Influenced the World

The history of mankind is a ripple effect. One change results to further and wider changes. And no matter how small that change is, it has the potential to make itself felt in a wider range. That is how history works: an event out from another event. For the Philippines, it also has its fair share of remarkable events that became influential to the world.


1. The rejection of US Bases by the Philippine Senate emboldened China: a single vote rejecting the treaty to extend the lease of the naval base in Subic to the US. The 12-11 vote ended up affecting China’s naval invasions in the dispute argued islands of the West Philippine Sea. China has been greatly affected on the departure of the US Navy and the closure of the largest military base outside US. Here, “near-seas” were more favored than “near-coasts” in the 1980s and resulted to China being bolder in the open seas.


2. American imperialism was stifled with the help of the Philippine-American war. Although it was a counter-intuitive where the Philippine-American war ended with an American victory, it still discouraged the Americans to expand further across Asia. After the bloody war, imperialists diminished. It was Theodore Roosevelt, the US president in 1906, who admitted that the Philippines had become America’s Achilles’ heel, specifically in the growing Japanese aggression.


3. Nationalist movements of other Asian countries were greatly influenced by the Philippine revolution. Because the Philippine Revolution was the first to have a true fight for freedom against power, nationalist movements of other Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, and Malaysia were greatly influenced, where the Chinese leader saw the importance of the struggles of the Filipino and supported the revolutionaries with weapons he could provide. He believed that in return of their support to the Filipino revolutions, the Filipinos would also support them in their fight against the hated Manchus.


4. The rest of Asia and Australia was saved by the fall of the Philippines in World War II. Even though we know that the Filipino and American forces surrendered to the Japanese power and had subjugation for the Filipinos for three years, this still did not mean total defeat. In fact, it became a significant factor in delaying Japan’s timetable for conquest and in the end, saved Australia.