Patrice Abaca Bag

$ 28.00

Our Patrice is a multi-purpose abaca bag that you can use as a shoulder bag, beach bag, shopping bag, fruit bag, or accessory bag depending on your mood. It is also perfect for that boho attire. Most of all, it is recyclable.

We developed a new weave for this bag for ease and functionality. It is storage-friendly as you can easily roll it and fold.

It is made of the finest, milky white abaca that yields because the fiber is soft. Weaved without cutting. A unique masterpiece. Purely handmade.

Bottom Width – 9 inches
Thickness | Depth – 6 inches
First arch – 11.5 inches
Top arch – 13.5 inches
Top width – 12 inches
Handle – 10 inches
Inner handle distance – 6 inches
Sling – 1/4 inch the same size as the rim

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