Take a look at these beautifully made Piña cloths that surely marks as our Philippine pride. We Filipinos are truly blessed with being artistic and creative. We’re loom weaving fibers from Piña and Abaca. Aklan’s Piña fabric is the Queen of Philippine Textiles

We offer Filipino barong (short jack and long sleeve) for men, ladies barong (hand embroidered), barong calado, shawl, piña cloths (per yard), and handpainted fans. If you are interested, just send us a message.

Aklan is recognized to be the biggest producers of piña fibers in the Philippines. Fibers blended and woven with silk is called “piña seda” or “piña silk” while the one mixed with abaca is called “piña jusi.” There’s also piña fibers mixed with cotton and there are cloths that are 100% made of piña which makes it more expensive. Fabrics made of pineapple fibers are known to be sheen and soft and also for its sheerness and quality.

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