Our abaca is made of the first class category of abaca: milky white, very fine, and silky smooth. It is cloth-friendly, not rough. It does not scratch the clothes because the texture is refined. The difference of our Class A abaca compared to the cheaper bags sold by bulk in street stores is that mass produced for local consumption is made of “bakbak” or Class C abaca, the crude part of the Manila Hemp plant. Class C abaca is the outermost part of the tree thus it is coarse and when weaved into a bag or any finished product it can damage the clothing. It is also harsh when the skin is scratched. When dyed, not all fibers can absorb the color because the fibers are coarse.

Class C abaca is used as a material for other products like ropes and doormats since abaca or Manila hemp is one of the strongest fibers in the world.

We only use first class dye for coloring all of our abaca products, that is why our abaca is washable. Our process follows the scientific way of dyeing, that can only be considered world class.

The products of the Class A abaca we use is foldable but will not be deformed. We do not need to add cloth lining to the bags since it is already soft and will not scratch anything.

We combine the amazing strength of the Manila hemp with the unique processes of weaving technique that we Filipinos inherited from our ancestors. We are proud of our products, we are proud of our artisans, we are proud of being a Filipino.

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