Principal Uses of Table Napkin While On a Meal

Who says only fine dining restaurants have the right to use table napkins? This is the common thought for most of us that when we think of table napkins; we think of fine dining restaurants.

The truth is anyone, and any home can use table napkins when having meals. In fact, table napkins can serve us so much and not just a mere part of a fancy ritual.

Perhaps when you get to know the essential uses of a table napkin, you might change your mind and will start using them on your next dine.


An invite to start the meal

If you have guests in the house, as the host you should take the lead in placing the napkin on your lap. This is a sign of an invite to start the meal to your guest.


Cleans your mouth

We can’t get away from having sauce or crumbs sticking on the sides of our mouth; luckily table napkin can do the job. Just give it a gentle wipe, and you’re all good.


Keeps you tidy

Putting the napkin on your lap is not just for no reason. Catching the crumbs or any mess is its primary purpose. With your napkin on, you don’t have to worry about your dress getting stained or getting dirt.


Covers the awkward extras

Sometimes a sneeze or a cough comes in a surprise, and table napkins are your buddy in these times. However, it’s something too much; just go on and excuse yourself.


The same way as the table napkin invites the start of a meal; it will also be used to signal the end of it. Just neatly fold your table napkin beside your plate, and you’re done.


See, table napkins are not just for the sake of being fancy; they can