Places in Sorsogon You Won’t Regret Visiting

Sorsogon can’t be the first thing to pop on your mind when it comes to places to visit in a vacation, but the place boasts of having the greatest concentrations of whale sharks worldwide. Positioned south of Manila approximately 500 kilometers away, the City of Sorsogon is always a worthy place to visit. If you are planning to be in the place, here are some of the attractions you’d sure want to be in:


Sorsogon Museum and Heritage Center

Restricted in the old provincial hospital compound, this is a small museum that boasts of old potteries and photographs of Sorsogon from way back many years ago. As a peek, the highlight of the museum is a 10-meter preserved backbone of a whale shark.


Ogod River

Dark nights are not only lit up by stars from the sky, but also by fireflies. When in Sorsogon, never miss a river cruise in Ogod and witness these mysterious creatures sparkle up during the night.


Gubat Surfing

As a rising surf spot in Barangay Buenavista of Sorsogon, this is a perfect spot for newbie surfers because the beach contains soft gray sands which makes it less painful for stumbles and slips during surfing.


Mt. Bulusan Park

Located in the southernmost end of mainland Luzon, this volcano has its peak at 1,565 meters above sea level; active but climbable. This is a place where you can enjoy different outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, kayaking, mountain biking and etc. Early mornings at Mt. Bulusan Park is best spent for boat rides


Barcelona Church and Ruins

Being an evidence of the glorious Spanish coming in the region, the structure has become an important spot in Sorsogon. It was built without steel and cement and the walls of coral rocks were adhered through egg wash. The homesick Spanish conquerors crowned the church as Barcelona.



Started as a spot for whale-watching in the country, Donsol has become very much well-known by many that it has evolved to be one of the greatest tourist destinations in the country. To preserve the place, government and non-government environmental groups are regulating and monitoring everything. Up until today, Donsol is the first and most visited tourist destination in Sorsogon.