Pisonet Invention: The Cheapest Internet Machine, Only in the Philippines!

We all have been long hearing the slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” But ever wondered what makes it fun? Behind all those outstanding sceneries, exotic foods, and crazy adventures that the country offers, there is still a lot. A lot! But there is one that’s just so unique and remarkable, a true trademark of Filipino creativity. Well-known to many especially to kids who love to jive with the present technology reformations in a distinctive manner, only the Philippines, we proudly present to you the “Pisonet” Mania.


A Pisonet is exactly a computer built and assembled in a safe wooden box and a fiber glass. The structure itself has a timer that will find out how long a person can use the computer and access the internet depending on the coins that he will drop. And believe it or not, the least that you could give to the machine for it to work would be 1 peso. 1 peso gives you four minutes usage of the machine, some will give seven minutes, and an hour of usage varies from 10 to 15 pesos.


One good thing about it as a business is that the Pisonet box is safe that everyone will pay based on their time usage, plus, everyone will have a choice to play on a staggered time basis, based on how long or how short he decides to use the unit. Additionally, not only games are available with this Pisonet technology, but it functions as much as a normal computer does. With this, anyone can access their Facebook account or surf the internet without spending so much on normal internet rentals.


Soon, many other inventions and developments of this type will rise. With the creativity, passion, and initiative of men, anything that is efficient and sufficient for human consumption is possible. This one is a “retail’ form of accessing internet connection without the hassle of monthly costs. Not later than the present times, we will all be able to experience whole new inventions of different technologies to give us the maximum satisfaction we all have been looking for. Undeniably, the Philippines is indeed one of the great minds behind these smart machines.